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Tyson Fury Is ”Deadly Serious” About Facing WWE Champion Drew Mcintyre

By ashraf on May 27, 2020

Boxing superstar Tyson Fury insists he’s ”deadly serious” about facing Drew McIntyre in a WWE match.

The Gypsy King and the Scottish superstar have been teasing the possibility of a dream match between the pair in the future, and now the boxer has confirmed he would love to return to WWE to headline a huge UK show.
Speaking to Kugan Cassius during an Instagram Live workout, he said: ”I’m too busy to do a ‘Tyson Fury Life Story’ or become an actor or something like that. I can’d do that right now.
”But, the one thing I would be open to doing – and this is deadly serious – I would be open to fight Drew McIntyre in WWE.
”It’s amazing what he’s done, the first British WWE world heavyweight champion. Congratulations, Drew.”And you know, I think it would be a massive showdown in the UK and one to watch, for sure. I think everyone would be inspired and love to watch it.”
The 31-year-old athlete appeared at 2019’s Crown Jewel event in November as he beat Braun Strowman, and he had an an ”absolutely amazing” time with the company.
He added: ”I had one of the best times of my life with the WWE over in Saudi Arabia. It was absolutely amazing.
”Before that I was training at the Performance Center in Orlando and all over America doing the stuff, I really, really enjoyed it. It was hard work – a lot of travelling commitment – but the fun of it all was second to none.
”Having watched it all my life and to then be apart of it and see how it’s all done, it was an amazing experience.”
His comments come after McIntyre, 34, suggested a ‘Battle of Britain’ bout between the pair if the WWE holds a stadium show in the UK in the future.
Speaking to assembled media including BANG Showbiz, he said: ”Maybe that’s where the match with Fury happens, as a Battle of Britain.
”The big thing is, we want our fan base to be there but we also want to attract some eyes that maybe aren’t on the WWE product.”

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