June 15, 2021


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on June 27, 2020.

the Instagram celebrity Hushpuppi who was recently apprehended by the Dubai police force for defrauding over 1.9 million people.

its mind boggling that this Instagram celebrity defrauded people of over 168 Billion naira.

the Fraudster usually flaunts his money on social media, and buy expensive accessorize with a ridiculous amount of money.he with over 21 laptops, 51 smartphones, and over 30 hard drives in one of his luxurious apartments in Dubai. according to local media outlets, hushpuppi net worth is around 20 million USD- which is quite impressive.

these assumption have been made based on the vehicles he owns (private jet,Rolls Royce,and expensive Range Rover car), as well as the other things he showed his fans on social media

unlike Hushpuppi car collections, his house is much shown off on his social account. he hardly flaunts the design of the house as well as well as the furniture inside.

it took the Dubai police less than four months to crack the case. in the end, 12 gang members of Hushpuppi’s were also arrested. among them was olalekan ponle,aka woodberry.

Dubai police describe Hushpuppi as ”an international online scammer known as Ramon oloruwa abbas but who goes by Hushpuppi on social media platforms.” Hushpuppi was actually born Ramoni igbalode.

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