October 26, 2021


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peter, P square test positive for COVID-19

the famous Nigerian singer peter okoye popularly known as P Square peter recently tested positive for COVID-19.

the singer kept it to his self for three weeks and isolated his self in a room in his statement.

not just him but also two of his domestic worker, also test positive for the COVID-19,also he made a statement in a video he made expressing how he went through hell during his three weeks of isolation,unfortunately after a week his daughter contacted the virus.


isolated in one of his bedrooms in his house ”MR P” could not see his daughter his daughter and had no other choice but to communicate with his daughter through video calls.

not long after his wife also contacted the virus and his daughter tested negative , he made a video expressing his pain and what he went through in this past week,thankfully he tested positive with with his wife and co-workers
see video below


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